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0 By realneil on Aug 24, 2012 Rather than trying to fill Steve's shoes, he should just do his own thing. Apple's stock seems to be doing OK too. RLB bLkgaY,a+RJ:RoW4 ELa"@7VNB2$. h*:#MK(Lbcn)"*E^6 $]YQ+"ih,jWS s8W,mhS8. Although he seems to be a very smart and motivated guy he as of now has been coasting and that is the way Job's left him purposefully I am sure. Khf`b 9Gp A`bQG17"LbgeFf] nCp^TVA. He has to build on himself and his existing skills before taking the reign's really and I am pretty sure Job's knew that and also know he had been tutoring him for a while before he went.

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